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Law firm

The law firm was established on 1 January 2009 as a continuation of legal services provided by JUDr. Jozef Grman, one of the founders of the firm who has been providing legal services independently since 1993 as a commercial lawyer and later as an attorney.

We are a team which combines experience, professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication. This enables us to offer legal services which correspond to our clients´ needs, the aim of which is to successfully solve all their legal matters.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of our law firm is based on four basic pillars which enable us to help clients solve their legal matters successfully.

High-quality services

Our services are based on professionalism, expert knowledge, extensive experience and responsible attitude.

Clients´ needs

Our goal is to become familiar with our clients´ needs, to analyse them and to prepare high-quality solutions to their legal matters.

Písacie pomôcky využívané v advokátskej kancelárii GRMAN & PARTNERS


We try to build the relationship of trust with every client; otherwise the provided legal services cannot meet their expectations.


We are very well aware of the fact that we cannot stop learning. We use state-of-the-art software to manage the activities of the law firm, we have current Slovak and foreign expert literature, and we participate in expert seminars and conferences organized both in Slovakia and abroad.

Our services

Commercial law

  • competition law
  • preparing and reviewing commercial contracts
  • representing clients during negotiations about the content of commercial obligations
  • establishing business enterprises and cooperatives and related changes
  • preparing internal corporate documents
  • legal audit (due diligence) of business enterprises and cooperatives
  • transfers of equity interests in business enterprises and cooperatives
  • registration of corporate changes and notification of relevant state authorities
  • preparing and arranging general assemblies
  • winding up of companies, deregistration of companies from the business register
  • recovery of (monetary, non-monetary) claims
  • commercial obligations (drafting contracts and filings)
  • securities law
  • dispute settlement
  • capital construction

Civil law

  • co-ownership or tenancy by entirety
  • immovable property law (transfer of immovable properties, lien, encumbrances, representation of parties in land register proceedings)
  • law of obligations
  • claims recovery
  • securing obligations
  • enforcement proceedings
  • succession law
  • liability for damage and unjust enrichment
  • protection of personality of natural persons or protection of reputation of legal entities
  • insurance law
  • preparing documentation related to establishment, change or termination of civil-law obligations

Intellectual property law

  • trademarks
  • designs
  • representing clients asserting claims which result from violation of intellectual property rights
  • representing clients in court proceedings the subject of which is to examine the legality of decisions of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

Family law

  • divorce proceedings
  • alimony
  • regulation of rights and obligations of parents towards minor children

Labour law

  • preparing employment contracts
  • preparing regulations and corporate acts
  • consultancy in the area of employment relationships
  • representing clients in employment disputes, particularly in disputes regarding invalidity of termination of their employment and entitlements resulting from invalid employment termination

Criminal law

  • motions and notifications of suspected crimes
  • asserting claims of injured parties in criminal proceedings

Administrative law

  • administrative proceedings
  • construction law
  • offence proceedings
  • comprehensive legal consultancy for clients disposing with any kind of immovable property
  • investment representation
  • legal consultancy during construction and modification of immovable properties

EU law

  • analysing the impact of EU law on national law, protection of rights and interests of clients in court and administrative proceedings resulting from primary or secondary EU law
  • harmonizing clients´ internal documents with EU law

Our team

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How to find us?

Address: Pribinova 25, 811 09 Bratislava

  • 01

    Park your car in the underground garage of the Eurovea business centre (3 hours free of charge) or in the above-ground garage of the Panorama City housing complex with an entry from Landererova Street (1 hour free of charge).

  • 02

    Enter the Tower 115 building and present your ID card at the reception. You will be given a visitor card at the reception. Use it to pass through the barrier by placing it on the Tower 115 mark located on the barrier.

  • 03

    Select the 15th floor on the electronic equipment. The display will show a letter designating the lift which will take you to the 15th floor where our law firm is located.


Pribinova 25, 811 09 Bratislava

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